Are you serious about growing your business? Do you want to reach new audiences and attract new customers? Confused about how to grow your email list, social media presence and gain media attention?

If you’re like most business owners, you know you have a story that you want to get out into the world but you have no idea how to write it or who to approach. Perhaps the fear that you’re not good enough, not interesting enough or unique enough is holding you back.


You don’t have the budget to hire a PR Agency or to employ someone to write your story for you. You would LOVE to appear on TV, Radio, in magazines, newspapers and online sites such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.


Imagine the awareness it would raise for you personally, and of course for your business.


If any of this resonates with you then you’re in the right place. I’m here to help you work out what your story is, how you can share it with your ideal audience and use it to win new business as well as gaining high profile media coverage.


But where do you even start? Take a look around this site, read the blog, listen to the podcast, subscribe to the newsletter. If you’re really serious about growing your business and want to see a quick result, why not join the 10 day PR challenge and you’ll soon be buzzing with ideas you need to take your business to the next level.

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Episode 11 – Repurposing Your Content thumbnail

Podcast: Episode 11 – Repurposing Your Content

Why you should repurpose your blog content into as many different formats as possible. Maximise your efforts, extend your reach, gain new followers, increase your SEO. Useful resources for creating videos •Loom – Screen Record •Canva – Image Creation •Wistia – Customising videos •Youtube •Zoom – recording Podcasts •Audacity – editing Podcasts •Mailchimp – email newsletters &…

Episode 10 – Blogging for Increased Exposure thumbnail

Podcast: Episode 10 – Blogging for Increased Exposure

In the latest episode we look at how important it is to blog, and regularly. Not just for the SEO and sales funnel benefits but also for when you’re pitching your ideas to publications. Editors want to know that they are working with experts, and there’s no better way to do this than sharing your…

How to create the perfect blog post

It’s something that’s puzzled bloggers since time began, that great untold secret of just what makes up the perfect blog post. Or maybe not! So this isn’t based on any scientific fact, just on my experience as a blogger. This format has worked for me, and if you follow these very simple steps then you…

Episode 9 – Interview with Rebecca Lockwood thumbnail

Podcast: Episode 9 – Interview with Rebecca Lockwood

It was such a pleasure to welcome Rebecca to HCP the other week, and we had a great chat about motivation, Tony Robbins and Firewalking! Rebecca is a motivational success coach at Having worked as a sales coach and trainer and owning a business around having a daughter, Rebecca understands firsthand the challenges and…

FB Live: Blogging Q & A thumbnail

Video: FB Live: Blogging Q & A

So this morning i jumped onto Facebook to do a live Q & A on blogging and we had some really good questions, including; > How to write your first blog post > How to make money from blogging > How to build quality traffic > Does everyone need a blog? > How to deal…

Episode 7 – Interview with Julie White, Compassio Coaching thumbnail

Podcast: Episode 7 – Interview with Julie White, Compassio Coaching

Today with Julie from Compassio Coaching, and we cover lots of ground! I’ve wanted to interview Julie for some time as she is always upbeat and inspirational. I had no idea about her Dragons Den appearance until later after meeting her so I dying to know how that process worked and what her experiences were,…



After a successful launch in April, the 5 Day Blog Challenge is back! This time we’ll be focusing on content, and no matter where you are in your blogging journey you’re sure to benefit from all the tips and tricks we’ll be sharing. Improve your blog in just 5 days with the June Blog Challenge!…