Blog Coaching

When it comes to blog coaching, wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who knows the pain and hard work of blogging? Who can look from the outside and ask the right questions? Who can see where you’re going and has a plan to get you there?

That’s where I come in.

If any of the below sound familiar, then I can help you.

How do I set up a blog?
Which is the best platform?
How do I set up hosting?
Why isn’t my blog attracting more subscribers?
Why has the traffic stopped going to my blog?
How do I find time to blog along with everything else?

Most business owners start out all guns blazing with their blog then struggle because they run out of ideas or don’t see a return on their time and effort.

Good news – you don’t have to know everything to be able to start or grow your blog – when you work with me as your blogging coach, you just need to be open to new ideas and to follow through on the action steps I create for you.

I understand, you get frustrated, can’t see the point so eventually you give up….

Here’s why I can be your blog coach

I’ve been blogging since 2008, for myself and other business owners and in that time I’ve created countless successful blogs. When I first started my blog I had zero contacts and no experience blogging, but I did have a plan and therein lies the success.

I now want to share with you everything I’ve learnt over the years.

I’ve worked out various services that can be completely tailored to your needs. And best of all, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as coaching takes place over Skype (isn’t the internet wonderful?).

Simply complete the contact form and click ‘Submit’. Within 24hrs I’ll be in touch to arrange our free 60 minute discovery call. It’s simply a call to get to know each other, see if we think we’re a good fit and chat about your preferred way of working.

What others have to say

“ Cat has instinctively grasped what is not working on my blog and given me really positive constructive feedback.  We are now working together to refresh the content and style and find clarity around the themes that prompted me to write in the first place .  Great investment.”

The Universe Project
“Cat’s guidance is clear and easy to follow.  The content is genuinely useful and enabled me to make quick and simple improvements to my blog. I have already tweaked my blog posts to give them a clearer call to action! ”

Mary Duggan, Cockleshell Creative