Episode 7 – Interview with Julie White, Compassio Coaching

Today with Julie from Compassio Coaching, and we cover lots of ground!

I’ve wanted to interview Julie for some time as she is always upbeat and inspirational. I had no idea about her Dragons Den appearance until later after meeting her so I dying to know how that process worked and what her experiences were, and Jules didn’t disappoint!

Julie White, Compassio CoachingJules has over 30 years of business experience, having worked in small and large businesses, primarily in sales but discovered a passion for coaching and helping people realise their potential.

As well as chatting about Dragons Den, we also look at the day in the life of an entrepreneur and some of the lessons that Julie has learnt whilst running her own business.

You can connect with Jules on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/compassiocoaching/

For details of the coaching packages that Jules mentioned, you can find out more information here https://compassiocoaching.co.uk/contact/

Compassio Coaching are currently offering 6 one to one coaching sessions for the price of 4 – saving you £100!

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